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  • The Ultimate All-Day Vape Juice - VGOD E-juice Coco

    A Dream Mixture of Coconut Cheesecake and Lemon Zest

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    If you are a cloud chaser and a real vaping aficionado, then the tobacco flavored e juice from the most popular brand, VGOD, must be on your most favorite list. VGOD E-juice Coco is designed to be used as the nicotine shots. If you are in mood for some tobacco e liquid, then this is quite tempting. The pre-mixed e juice contains all the flavor concentrate required to give you the desired throat hit and the right amount of vapor production. The VG/PG ratio is 70/30, which gives you perfect flavor and keeps your mind refreshed all through the day.


    The e juice comes in small trendy looking bottles of 60ml, with child proof caps. There is a separate screw on the nozzle that is included in the packaging. The delicious brand of e juice has a blend of creamy coconut with a hint of smooth tobacco and baked cake. This sweet and delicious smelling dessert flavor, along with a vibrant tobacco exhale serves to be an amazing all day vape. The bottle has enough space if you want to add nicotine e juice separately and enhance the nicotine strength. VGOD E-juice Coco comes in three nicotine strengths 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. The bottle has a tidy label, which immediately catches your eyes. All the relevant information regarding the e juice is clearly written on the bottle, even including the warnings. The bottle is packaged in a cardboard box, which also has the same attractive design and relevant information. The cardboard box has protective materials inside, in order to make sure that the bottle does not get damaged in transit. You can vape this e juice with an RDA, fitted with a single 0.8ohm coil.


    VGOD E-juice Coco is slightly stronger than the other e juices of dessert flavored category. The tobacco is a smooth one, which gives a throat hit but not unpleasant shock. The trace of rough tobacco that seems quite gentler in the tank gives a strong American variant with dry quality. The e juice gives you the right amount of kick to start the morning with freshness. The presence of subtle yet pleasant cake flavor also rejuvenates the nerves. The taste of sweet coconut lingers on your lips at the time of exhaling. The e juice leaves you feeling parched if you overindulge. Once you get past the initial roughness, the e juice gives the perfect vaping pleasure all through the day.


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